My name is Brittany Antonijevic (an-tone-ah-vich, you’re welcome) and I am a Marketing Consultant/Coach. 

I have spent most of my career working with other businesses, providing information and tools that would help them acheive their goals.

I thought my own goal was to climb the corporate ladder, but realized through my experiences that the 9-5 was not at all where I wanted to be. I hated going to work every day to a place where my number one priority was money, and how to get more of it from people. Through working with those businesses, I realized I was so much happier hearing actual appreciation from my clients, than their credit card numbers. I realized that my passion was helping others succeed. And once I came to that realization, I left the coroporate environment as fast as I could and quickly became a part of a Marketing company that values relationships over revenue. We spend time with our clients, and our first priority is to fully understand them and their business to a level that allows us to give them the best possible results.

As I continued to invest in my education, spending any free hours I had on furthering my skills in Branding, Web Design, Seo, Lead Generation, Social Media,  etc, I came across an incredible community that is focused on those same exact areas, except from a much different perspective, and with less resources: Bloggers.

I saw the same needs that I saw in the clients that I communicate with on a daily basis, except these businesses were individuals: Mothers, College Students, Fashionistas, Artists, Women struggling through serious obstacles such as loss, disease, etc. They all had such different stories, different backgrounds, different voices. But for the majority of them, they all had the same goal:

Build their brand and make money so they could pursue their passion full time.

So I got the company together, and we decided to find a way we could help, using the same tools we use for established businesses, but in a realistic way that wouldn’t cost them thousands of dollars. We wanted to give these women the information they really needed to succeed, and most importantly build a community that would encourage and support each other, and provide constructive feedback.

So we asked around, spoke with other bloggers, coaches, figured out what they were looking for, and put a plan together:

A Challenge. 

8 Weeks of tools, resources, coaching, tutorials, feedback, and most importantly: a group of women that supports each other.

So, here we are, and I have never been more excited. 




– Brittany