Why You Can’t Make Money Blogging

In part one of my “Why You Shouldn’t ‘Blog’” post series, I discuss the reasons you shouldn’t have a blog, and how the term “blog” itself sets many limitations when it comes to your success. (Read it here first if you want to know what I’m talking about 😉 )


So today, in Part II, I’m going to talk about what it really takes to bring in a revenue stream.

Here we go:


  • Affiliate links
  • Sponsored posts,
  • and sharing your blog link like its beads on Mardi Gras.


JUST KIDDING. But that’s what you typically hear, right?


why you cant make money blogging brittany antonijevic

Unfortunately, while those things can bring in SOME traffic and income, it is no longer enough to be able to pursue your brand full time.


So what ARE you supposed to do? And where the hell do you even start?


Well, as NON-blogger and Marketing Consultant, I have put together 5 helpful tips to get you started.


1. Create a business plan (now keep in mind, I will say business from here on out instead of blog).


Every successful business has begun with a detailed business plan. And I mean DETAILED.


Start out with you brand. Who are you? What do you want to do? Who is your target demographic?


Once you have figured that out, along with your overall goal/purpose – get to the HOW:


Will you create a product? Will you work with other brands? How much money do you need to make in order to be able to pursue your business full time?




By month. By week. By day. By hour.


No, it’s not a joke. Why? Because that huge goal of yours – is actually a million tiny, seemingly “meaningless” tasks, all combined, day in and day out, over a long period of time.

 2. Research, research, research.


Never stop learning. Where is your target demographic hanging out? What are similar businesses doing and what has made them successful? What do you know about SEO, social media management and email marketing? If the answer is not much – there are plenty of online resources where you can learn about them – OUTSIDE THE BLOG BUBBLE!

So set aside a certain amount of time every week to educate yourself, and don’t stop improving.

 3. Have REALISTIC expectations, AKA: Ignore everything those “super-successful-supposed-millionaire” bloggers tell you.


LOL, ok. not EVERYTHING. Just most things.


Take it all with a grain of salt. At the end of the day – you have something to offer the world that no one else does. There is something that makes you unique, so why go and try to be the same as every other “blogger”? Find what makes you stand out, and run with it.


No, you are not going to make thousands of dollars right away by finding a few products you like (or don’t) and sharing links for them.


No, you are not going to get a huge amount of authentic traffic in a few months.


No, there is no big “secret” to Instagram that will get you a million followers. (But there are plenty of sleazy marketing tactics to try to tell you there is).


And no, it’s not easy. It’s going to take a lot of time and consistency, and getting frustrated that you aren’t seeing immediate results is going to do more harm than good.


So yes, be smart, and pay attention to what similar businesses are doing, but also go with your gut. Overthinking every little detail and comparing yourself to everyone else will only cause you to be stagnant.

why you cant make money blogging brittany antonijevic


4. Make a Schedule – AND STICK TO IT.

 It is extremely tempting to put things off or make excuses when you are your own boss. Trust me. I’ve had my own business for a while now and it is WAY harder than you could ever plan for it to be. But it’s more than worth it, and I’ll never go back.

Plan your week in advance – content, prospecting, calls, emails, and set a timer for each block in your day. You’d be surprised what setting a time limit can do to your productivity and efficiency, even when its just you at your desk by yourself.


And last but not least…

 5. Know when it’s best to invest


While you should, of course, be cautious with your finances (especially in the beginning), know when it is smart to invest in your business. Think opportunity cost. What is your time worth to you?


Is there a social media management tool that would save you a ton of time so you can focus on more revenue generating activities?

Is there an email campaign software that is incredibly user friendly and would be way easier for you than your current one?

Is there a coach or web course that could fill in the gaps of what you need to know to be successful? (like me? 😉 )


“Oh my gosh, Becky, she totally just shamelessly promoted herself on her own website! I knew there was a catch!”


No catch. Just an example. 😉


So ANYWAYS – that’s all folks, I hope I could help a bit. Like I said, there’s no secret here. But there’s no secret anywhere else either. You just have to go for it.

<3 Brittany

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