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PT. III of the Anti-Blog Series


So, this was not at all a planned rant. However, as I reply to emails in my office (ok, you got me – coffee shop) and chug espresso like its my last day on earth – I can’t help but notice that I have literally gotten SIXTEEN emails THIS MONTH ALONE from the SAME “BLOGGER.”

why you shouldnt have an email list brittany antonijevic

Yes, 16. And it isn’t even the end of July yet.


So what I don’t understand, is how does a supposed “master blogger” not realize that she is doing the opposite of what she is trying to do, by annoying people to the point of no return?


Obviously something is not working if you feel the need to send an email almost daily.


You have to be so careful when you have an email list. To be honest – I don’t even like them – but they are necessary (when used for good instead of evil). They’re like credit cards – most people that have them probably shouldn’t. And many go a little toooo crazy.


why you shouldnt have an email list brittany antonijevic


“But, Brittany, if I can’t have an email list – how will I share my pointless information will all the people that won’t read it?”


I’ll tell you: Well first off – don’t ever send anything pointless.





Don’t just take the lazy route and have one big list of people that get everything. Because trust me – you will slowly lose them. KNOW YOUR READERS.


What did they read? What demographic are they a part of? What have they shown interest in?


Do you have some free time? EMAIL THEM PERSONALLY.




“Wait, like, send one single email to like, just one person?”


Yes. Take time every once in a while to show you care. If you want to stand out from the spam, then you gotta stop acting like spam.


And I’m going to give you 5 tips on how to do that:

 1. Like I said – Segmented groups.



Take the time in splitting up your readers based on interests and demographic, and send them more specific info. Just because you may be sending out the same new post to everyone – doesn’t mean all the emails have to be exactly alike.

Does your campaign software give you the A/B testing option?

Use it. Don’t be lazy.




 2. Plan your blasts in advance


Have a reason for them, and make sure they are in line with your overall goals. Don’t just send them to send them.

Have an email schedule, and analyze your data to see what times are best for that particular group.





 3. Don’t send something every day (unless you want everyone to hate you)


Send things often enough that people don’t completely forget you exist – but not so often that they are overwhelmed and just block you entirely. Add your own email to your groups so that you can see how it looks over time. If even you start to get annoyed with yourself, then you obviously need to make some changes.





It always baffles me when I click on someone’s blog, and before I can even read anything, I get a subscription pop-up.



why you shouldnt have an email list brittany antonijevic


You may think its helping, but most likely you are turning people away from subscribing in general, even if they do end up liking what you have to say. And then where is the pop up?


If you have to have one – either set it up for when they go to leave your site, or for a VERY SPECIFIC, TARGETED REASON.


And 5,

 5. Deliver value in every single email.


Don’t just say – subscribe to be the “first to know,” or for “post notifications”

First to know what???


And what value can you bring them besides just knowing when you wrote something new on your blog that anyone could get to.


What is a REASON they should actually want to subscribe that gives them an advantage that they wouldn’t have other wise?

Unfortunately, just like with blogging in general, it has become harder and harder to stand out because of so much ridiculous noise (click bait, spam, blogging “secrets”…).


But trust me, if you stay consistent (and patient), and make sure that every little thing you send or do has VALUE to your audience, you will be successful.





<3 Brittany

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