How to Set Up Google Analytics

on your WordPress Site

(in 6 Easy Steps)

Page views are obviously a large factor in your website’s performance, but there are a few other key numbers that are very important to understand as well. While an increase in viewers is typically the overall “goal,” it is critical to know who those viewers are, where they come from, how much time they spend on your site, and other metrics that can greatly help you not only improve, but truly understand the relationship between your traffic and your actions leading up to it (engagement, email campaigns, social media posting times, channels, and frequency, etc).

Google analytics is an incredibly helpful tool for that. So if you’d like to set it up and get started, keep on scrolling 🙂

1. Sign in to your Gmail Account (or if you are the one person left on the planet that does not have one, sign up for one first)

2. Head on over to the Google Analytics site here.

This is the screen you should see, click on Sign Up.

how to set up google analytics wordpress

3. Enter your information.

how to set up google analytics wordpresshow to set up google analytics wordpress

For your account name – this will be what all your sites fall under, so is not just specific to one site, in case you plan on adding or already have more domains. And make sure to enter the correct time zone!

4. You will be provided with a tracking code that begins with  “UA-“. This is what we will use in our plugin to authenticate our website.

how to set up google analytics wordpress

5. Install and Activate the MonsterInsights plugin. This is the easiest way to do it, and is also a great plugin that allows you to see your analytics info right there in your WP Dashboard.

set up google analytics wordpress

Aww look at him – isn’t he cute?

6. In the Insights Settings, copy that tracking code (include the UA-) into the form when you are prompted to Authenticate with your Google Account.

how to set up google analytics wordpress

And voila! There you have it – in 6 easy steps. Now just remember that it can take up to 24 hours to activate and will only track from that moment on. So it’s good to set it up as soon as possible.  And once it is active you will be able to go back to your Google Analytics page and start tracking!!

<3 Brittany Antonijevic

Have issues setting up your Analytics? Leave a comment if you have any additional questions!