Why You Shouldn’t Have a Blog  

The blogging community has grown exponentially over the past few years. You have a blog, a good amount of your friends probably have blogs, your mom and pet hamster may even have a blog. Most of America seems to have at least one blog these days, and that number just keeps increasing as it gets easier and easier to start one. And don’t get me wrong: blogging is awesome. You get to say whatever you want, be whoever you want, network with people all over the world. You can find new designs for it, make a logo, take some badass photos for each post… The options are endless when it comes to making it your own.



So why can it be so hard to see an income from it? And why does it seem only a few “big” bloggers have it all figured out?   Well, let’s start from the beginning. Blogging was nothing like it is now, that’s for sure. It is crazy to think that back when it first began, you could actually become quite successful simply by selling ad space and throwing in a few affiliate links here and there. There was not near as much competition, and the “internet” was still this bright new, unknown, exciting toy.



So how about now? Well, now there is competition. Now, it takes a lot more than just having your own voice and updating with posts consistently. Now, – you need actual business skills.  

And what does that mean? Affiliate links? Sponsors? Email lists?  

No. That means treating your blog like an actual business.  

You see, the problem with blogging right now, is that once you decide to build one, it is easy to get stuck in the “blog bubble.” You are drawn to blogging communities, find your tips through searching “how to have a successful blog,” and you follow the advice of those “big” bloggers I mentioned earlier.  

So you may be asking – Well, what’s wrong with that? Isn’t that what I should be doing?  

And I’m here to answer – No. Its not. At all actually.  




I know, right?   But here’s why:   I’ve used this example several times before, as a way to explain the common “problems” you find within the blogging world.   Let’s say that in your town there is an AMAZING (and I mean to. die. for) pizza parlor. You picturing it, yet?   (I am, pizza is only the best food of all time).   So this pizza parlor owner has MASTERED the art of pizza. He had the perfect business plan, the PERFECT recipe, and is now incredibly successful.



So now I am going to ask you this:   Do you think this guy is going to host classes and webinars on how to make the BEST pizza? Or how to start a successful pizza parlor?   Most likely, no. Because he is a BUSINESS. And while he might share some fun tips here and there, or use his popularity to support other local businesses, sharing his biggest secrets to all the new pizza entrepreneurs would be absolute suicide.  


So why is it different with bloggers?  


It’s not!! And that’s why there is a huge problem.  


The “How to Make $29,381 Dollars a Month Blogging” posts – ALL COME FROM BLOGGERS! Which means:


  1. There WILL be affiliate links (which means those products may not really be the best choices, ex: siteground)

  2. The purpose is not to help YOU, but to bring traffic to THEIR site.

  3. They will most likely leave you at the end of the post, still wanting the “real answer” which will at cost you at minimum your email address – Am I right?


And last but not least:



  1. It is not going to have all the secrets!! Those posts will never tell you exactly how to do it!!



So, while some may of course be extremely helpful if you are just starting out – remember to bust out of that bubble if you are truly serious about an income stream! Don’t say “I have a blog,” but “I have a BUSINESS.”



Do your research OUTSIDE of the blogging world!

Research successful BUSINESSES

Look into different marketing strategies

Look at models for online retail platforms, or companies you already love – How do they run their campaigns?? What is their design like? How do they keep you engaged?


I’m telling you – once you stop limiting yourself to everything “BLOG,” you WILL start seeing growth.


You are a business. You are a badass. And there is enough $ out there for everyone if you want it badly enough.




Trust me, I’ve been there. 😉 <3 Brittany

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